Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of College

All that stress over nothing... I'm so tired now. You suck, brain.

So I went to bed at half midnight, tossed until 1:15, dozed off until 2-something, then slept until about 8:30. Got up, saw my hair was a mess, ran it under water, sat around naked for a while, then found some clothes and went to get my bus pass, finally. Success! Then I sat around for a bit longer before sucking it up and going to catch the bus up to Seneca. Success! I went to the bookstore to get my PIN for the upcoming class. Succ-holy shit look at all the people.

Made it to my first class in the portable by sheer luck, since I passed a sign pointing the way out to it. I was not late, which I was afraid I would be, thanks to the crowds. Why, oh why, did I assume everyone else was like me and got their student ID stuff done before school started? Anyway, spent 40 minutes in class fighting with the slow-ass computer, half-listening to the TA. It was just orientation anyway, and that class is basically self-learn. So the majority of it is done online at home. Awesome. No procrastinating now!

Tomorrow I will actually be attending a real class (for two hours, ugh) and hopefully they'll explain the library tours we apparently have to go on before my two-hour Thursday class. If not, guess I'll be asking the teacher. You'd think they'd, you know, send the information on that with the semester schedule.

So yes, that's basically what I'll be doing every week. It's so weird to think of only going to a specific class once a week. All I've got for reference, after all, is high school, where you went to four classes a day. I definitely like this system better.

Now if only I could find someone to drive me back and forth so I don't have to take the shitty buses...

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