Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm Rich, I'm Rich!

Finally got a call from the Ministry, and all is forgiven. They're going to give me $350 a week (a week!) for my schooling, plus paid tuition/books/fees/etc. I was expecting half of that. I can actually get myself a decent comp and some new clothes now, and I won't have to stress so much about getting a job in order to keep paying my rent.

I have to somehow make it to Kitchener to finalize this deal though. My dad might take me, but first I need to get from here to Bramalea so my mom can pick me up. According to Google Maps (which really kind of suck for anything but driving directions) taking buses there will take 2 and a half hours. Holy sheeit. Not to mention I'll have to take something like 4 different buses and I still don't have a bus pass. Not much point getting one now either, month's almost over. We'll see what the parental units say about it.

Also, three cheers for the brother unit, who managed to reformat my computer after the Cryptor virus took it down. We got the better of you, you fucking twat of a virus. Of course, I've spent the past two hours putting stuff back on the comp, in order of priority: Firefox, AIM, AVG, Spybot, bookmarks. Fortunately I was able to save all my files online, which is good when that's at least 7 years worth of work. Need to find a copy of MSWord though, so I can put these files back on my comp.

In writing news, I have two possible short stories. I was going to write them for submission to an e-zine, but I'm not going to be able to get them done in time. Still, they might be fun. One involves new vampire character Ginn, in a Western setting. The other was inspired by Batman Begins, but is not a superhero story. More an excuse for me to write about duct-taping a guy to something (thanks Jarhead) and blowing up New York City. Might need to actually know the layout of NYC for that one, note to self. At any rate, it involves people from another world, ooooh.

Anywibble, it's half midnight here and I'm only still up because I've screwed up my sleeping patterns. Guess I should head off to bed, my neck hurts.

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