Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Got the wall fixed, huzzah! Though the guy showed up while I was still in boxers and tank top because the building manager apparently doesn't know what '24 hours notice' is. My brother let him in then just waltzed into my room to tell me, despite the closed door, literally a second after I'd put a shirt on. But the wall is now fixed and painted over. Nice guy too, he was telling me he moved here from Iraq in 2003 and his English wasn't so good. I was like, 'your English is great, man, I just suck with heavy accents.'

What else was I bitching about... Oh. Contacted my counselor, she says I just have to wait. 'Cause when it comes right down to it, MTCU still sucks.

In writing news, I transferred a story from my laptop to this desktop (because my laptop is missing two keys and I can't afford a new one) so I can go over it and see if it's worth rewriting. Maybe for NaNo this year, I still don't have a plot for that and it's in only 3 months. I'm pretty sure I had the plot to The Heartless Boy by this time last year.

I've also signed up for a freelance article-writing gig, I just have to decide if it's worth it. Simplest pay is 3USD for every article of 250 words, but it can be higher depending on skill level, article length, and client budget. Obviously this isn't going to make me a millionaire, but it would be some extra cash and would start getting my name out there. Even if it is for writing random articles instead of stories.

And there's a fledgling e-zine that I have a lead on that pays $40 per accepted story. That's not bad at all. It's themed writing, but I figure I can pull that off. The editor says she's looking for all genres, short stories under 5000 words, just fitting the issue theme. Current themes are Masks/Appearances are Deceiving (deadline Sept 1, so if I'm going to try for that one I best get my ass in gear) and Winter Solstice (little more time, deadline is Dec 1). Editor also mentioned she'd like more Western stories, and oddly enough, I've been wanting to write something Western-inspired. Fantasy Western, okay, but I think I can pull something off. It's what reminded me of the story I transferred too, as that story is Western themed. I used to read Westerns all the time as a kid; Louis L'Amour, Zane Grey, the Sudden books... Heh, I used to Mary Sue myself into the Sudden books as his daughter, who was just as fast as him. Oh, youth.

Oh, and my Constant Reader did give me some feedback on the Peregrine story. Thanks luv. Now to get myself to edit it. Well, not right away, give it some time to breathe. I have the camera story to edit, or possibly completely rewrite, because it's messy. Very messy. WTF-I-can-do-better messy.

Anyway, blathering on here isn't going to get me anywhere unless I get a whole bunch of readers that lead to a book deal so it's off to stare at my computer screen do some writing.

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